How far and how high do UAVs fly?

The flight radius is 1 mile.  Altitude is generally restricted to 400 feet above ground level by

the aviation authorities.  


How long is the UAV’s battery life?

The average flight time for our sUAVs is between 20-25 minutes per battery.


Is the length of the flight with one battery sufficient? 

Since all flights are planned in advance 20-25 minutes of flying time with a battery is sufficient

to capture photos or video. All our pilots carry extra batteries.


What happens if the battery gets low?

A failsafe mechanism auto lands the sUAV to prevent it from “falling out of the sky”.


What are the weather conditions you can fly the UAV? 

Ideally, winds under 25 knots and during the day.  If there is sand and dirt we might have to hose

down the surface to limit the amount of debris on the camera lens on take off and landings.


What is the quality of pictures and video?

sUAVs cameras are capable of 4K.