"Our Vantage is the Point!" 



For all your aerial photography and videography needs specializing in real estate and architecture utilizing sUAS (small unmanned aircraft systems) for the ultimate Vantage Point. We have certified Federal Aviation Administration sUAS Pilots who have completed OSHA-10 outreach training. We understand the concerns of using “drones” and will respect the privacy and rights of adjacent property owners.  We only fly with permission of the landowner and plan each flight to capture the subject of interest while maintaining the privacy of others.


Our equipment is always inspected before each flight and has an auto return-to-home and landing capability.  The gimbal we use isolates vibrations and keeps the video’s horizon level in flight allowing for adjustments to the 4k high-resolution camera angle to within -+0.08 accuracy.


We operate below 400’ Above Ground Level and always within line of sight.  We do use a first person view screen as an aide to monitor the altitude and battery usage. Each flight is unique and requires a different set of safety measures with our experienced pilot in command and visual observer taking all precautions necessary. All flights are fully insured. We are authorized to fly within class B Dulles airspace. For further information or quotes for your aerial needs please contact us at missie@vpdrone.com or via the contact page.